James Bobin Confirmed to direct MIB 23

And we thought the future couldn’t get any weirder. Silly us. Within recent months, we have been hearing the news of a Men In Black/ 21 Jump Street crossover that will be called MIB 23. While this movie has been officially in development at Sony for some time now, it has never been made official who was directing. Most assumed that director James Bobin of The Muppets fame would be directing the crossover, but this was not made official until today.

This seems to be a great fit for this odd but hopefully entertaining crossover. Seeing his work done on the Muppet movies it’s clear that Bobbin knows what it takes to bring back a franchise. I mean, Jump Street seems to be doing just fine on its own, but MIB 3 was a bit rough to watch. I personally enjoyed it but it was clear that the movie was not up to par with its predecessors. Bobbin has what it takes to revitalize that franchise. And I know right now a crossover might sound a bit ridiculous, but even if it is I have a feeling it’s gonna be a fun experience for old fans and new.

James Bobin’s next work Alice Through the Looking Glass comes to theaters May 27th of this year.

Source: http://collider.com/jump-street-men-in-black-james-bobin-mib-23/


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