Godzilla 2 Loses its Director

godzilla20-209In 2014 the US of A was reintroduced to one of the most iconic characters to not come from our native land: Godzilla. This giant lizard creature has been stealing hearts (figuratively) for decades and because of this movie he’s come back into the limelight. That movie made $200 million domestically on a $160 million budget, so it did pretty well for itself. Definitely well enough to warrant a sequel and a crossover with another wonder of the world, King Kong. Now Godzilla 2 and Godzilla vs Kong are fast approaching, but it seems Godzilla 2 has hit a bit of a roadblock.

Gareth Edwards, director of the 2014 film, has left the project. It is currently unclear why he is no longer directing the sequel, but this isn’t a total disaster. Universal recently moved the movie back about 9 months, and now we can see why. But we still have plenty of time to find a new director and create a great story that also helps set up Godzilla vs Kong.

So who do you think should direct Godzilla 2? And are you excited for Godzilla vs Kong? Talk about it in the comments and don’t forget to like, share, and follow Sprom for more news on Godzilla and other things in the world of movie news.

Godzilla 2 now comes to theaters March 22nd, 2019 and Godzilla vs Kong comes to theaters in May 29th, 2020

source: http://www.thewrap.com/gareth-edwards-leaves-godzilla-2-directors-chair/


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