Jon Watts Debunks ‘Homecoming’ Casting Rumor


While Doctor Strange is the next Marvel film to hit the big screen, it seems we just can’t stop talking about the new Spidey’s first solo movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland’s portrayal of the well beloved character was first seen in the most recent  Captain America movie and while his role was fairly small he showed that he was the Spidey we’ve always wanted. Now we have little more than a year before his solo movie arrives and the news is pouring in on everyone who’s joining in.

One actor who was recently added to the Spiderman: Homecoming cast was Michael Barbieri. A young actor on the rise, Barbieri was stated to be playing one of Peter’s pals. It was being said that Michael’s character would be based on a character from the Ultimate Spiderman comic book line named Ganke. Ganke is the best friend to that universe’s Spiderman, Miles Morales. Well it seems that’s not true.

According to director Jon Watts’ Twitter account, the rumors are wrong. In Watts’ first jon-watts-062315-e1437438383957tweet he stated “What The–?! Michael Barbieri was never playing Ganke… no idea how that rumor started… Ok, back to work!!!” And then to clarify he later tweeted “What The–?! Michael Barbieri was never playing “a version of or a character based on/similar to” Ganke… Ok, back to work for reals now!!!”

So this is refreshing news for all of us worried about what this would mean for when Miles Morales eventually joins the MCU. If this kid was the Ganke of the MCU, then who would Miles have? Although that’s assuming that Donald Glover isn’t Miles Morales and the MCU is going to utilize Miles Morales sometimes in the future.

So are you happy? Because that means we could actually get a Korean kid to play Ganke when the time comes! Or do you not care at all? Talk about it in the comments and don’t forget to like, share, and follow Sprom for more news on Spiderman: Homecoming and other things in the world of movie news.

Spiderman: Homecoming comes to theaters July 7th, 2017.

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