‘Me Before You’ Director to Adapt ‘The Selection’ Movie


So YA book to movie adaptations aren’t dead just yet. After the underperformance of Allegiant and the disaster that was The 5th Wave , you’d think studios would take a break from these for a minute. Not that the books are bad but it seems people have trouble adapting them. Or maybe I’m just being pessimistic. This example does seem fairly promising considering the circumstances.

Speaking of the circumstances, a director has been attached to the coming movie adaptation of the popular book The Selection. Director of the recently released movie Me before You, Thea Sharrock, will be adapting this project for the big screen. While this would thea-sharrock-uk-premiere-me-before-you-01make this movie her second feature film, her adaption of Me before You overperformed in the box office domestically. So if anything we shouldn’t be too worried.

The Selection is a novel written by Kiera Cass that chronicles the story of America Singer, a girl who gets selected to be in a competition to fight for a prince’s affection. The book being a New York Times Bestseller, this is not the first time someone tried to adapt it. In 2012 a pilot was made in the hopes that the CW would pick it up. Alas that never did come to pass. But then it became clear no one was giving up on the property when Warner Bros bought the rights April of 2015. And now it looks like this name is coming back into the public eye.

So what are you thinking? Is this great news or do you think this series is better made for television? Talk about it in the comments and don’t forget to like, share, and follow Sprom for more news on The Selection movie and other things in the world of movie news.



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