AMC’s ‘Star Trek’ Marathon to Premiere ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Early

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One of the best parts of movie franchises is being able to marathon them with friends and family when all the movies come out on dvd. I have spent many a Saturday marathoning franchises like X-Men and the original Star Wars trilogy with a bunch of friends. But let’s face it, the real way to marathon a franchise is in a theater. A theater that is perfectly air conditioned and has a screen bigger than some houses beats a raggedy couch and a flat screen any day. But these occurrences are a bit rarer than their at-home counterpart, so startrekbeyondposter-4whenever something like this does happen Sprom will make sure you know!

On July 20th of this year, select AMC theatres will be marathoning the new Star Trek trilogy. And yes I did say trilogy. Along with Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek into Darkness (2013), Justin Lin’s first addition in the Star Trek franchise Star Trek Beyond will be shown TWO DAYS before officially coming out in theaters. Awesome right? And for all those who were really bummed about the movie being shown at Comic Con before it came out, well this marathon happens on the same day as that. Meaning those nerds don’t really have anything to brag about (besides, you know, being able to go to Comic Con).

So you can check here to see if an AMC theater near you is participating in this awesome marathon. While not in as many states as I would like, a bunch of you are about to have a great opportunity fall into your laps. Enjoy!



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