‘Suicide Squad’ to Have Mid-Credits Scene


While the DCEU has been somewhat of a bust, its latest installments have been raising quite a few eyebrows. With Wonder Woman and Justice League trailers wowing audiences in and out of Comic Con, it seems to be course correcting just fine after the movie that shall not be named. One movie in particular that has become one of the most anticipated of the Summer is the newest DC film Suicide Squad. This new installment to the DC universe has been having a fun time proving to all disappointed with the DCEU that this is not your normal superhero movie. Mostly because these guys aren’t heroes in the most conventional sense. It’s bad guys fighting bad guys! And the trailers look so dark but comedic and actiony. I mean, I’m definitely gonna see it as soon as it comes out. And when12489243_1674589672821667_4430624289856009994_o I do see it, I’m gonna make sure to stick around after the end. Here’s why:

Suicide Squad is going to have a mid-credits scene. And yes that makes this the first DCEU film to have another scene after the film. It is unclear what the scene will involve but it has been described as “pivotal and important”, so that’s interesting. This news comes out of advanced screenings of the film, so this may not be the only extra bit we end up getting. It is very possible that there might be something tagged on after the credits to entice the viewer further. But I wouldn’t exactly bet on this. Last thing they need is to be called Marvel copycats.

So if there was any doubt in your mind on whether or not to see Suicide Squad, I have a feeling that that doubt has magically disappeared. But the question now is what the credits scene will be about. Will it be a look into one of the characters after the events of Suicide Squad? Maybe a Wonder Woman sneak peek to hold us over till we get another trailer? What do you think it’ll be about? Talk about it in the comments and don’t forget to like, share, and follow Sprom for more news on Suicide Squad and other things in the world of movie news..

Suicide Squad comes to theaters August 5th.

Source: http://screenrant.com/suicide-squad-mid-credits-scene/


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