Box Office Battle 9/2-9/5

It is a wonderful Tuesday morning and I hope you had a great three day weekend! Now because of Labor Day I held off on doing this Box Office Battle because I’m sure everyone waited till Monday to see their movies. So let’s see which movies placed!

1. Don’t Breathe

R-rated horror movie Don’t Breathe holds on to its top spot from last week. This being the last taste of all the good horror movies we’ve had this Summer, I’m happy to see it winning out two weeks in a row. So far the movie’s grossed just under $55 million in its two weeks out, and the budget was only $10 million! So I have a feeling a few studio executives had a very happy weekend indeed.

2. Suicide Squad


Next on the box office totem pole is DCEU movie Suicide Squad with $12.8 million. Despite some iffy reviews the movie has been doing quite well for itself, especially in comparison to its predecessors. As many of us remember Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice flew of the top five faster than Superman, and even the for the most part well liked Man of Steel has been beat out by Suicide Squad’s domestic total of $297.4 million. So I guess those negative critics can suck it.

3. Pete’s Dragon (No, not the original)

Our surprise third place is none other than Disney remake Pete’s Dragon with $8.583 million. I’m getting specific because this movie just edged out the next movie on our list which I was really rooting for. But props to Pete’s Dragon nonetheless. Just last week this movie was in sixth place and now it’s back in the top five. Critics say it was okay but nothing to write in your diary about (I’m paraphrasing but yeah they basically said that). But I guess the kiddies are finally starting to dig it. Or maybe it’s just a really weak week.

4. Kubo and the two Strings

Now the movie that I was really rooting for. The newest Laika classic Kubo and the two Strings makes our number four with $8.537 million. So close to Pete’s Dragon but so far. I still haven’t seen it (which is unfortunate, to say the least) but I have loved everything Laika has done since I saw Coraline in 3D when I was nine. I support their work and I am trying very hard to see this before it goes out of theaters, and you should too! I have a feeling this is gonna be that thing you find on netflix and wish you had seen on the big screen.

5. Sausage Party

Rounding out the top five is everyone favorite movie about talking food, Sausage Party. Making $6.5 million in this four day weekend, it has been made clear that this movie was a definite success. Despite several reports of mistreatment of animators this movie just keeps making money, and who can blame it? It’s a decent movie. A little raunch to help you finish off the Summer.

Movies that didn’t make it

Since I tell y’all what movie are new every week it seems only right to tell you where they end up. Not everything can be a smash hit.

The Light Between Oceans

Though that trailer was bomb, bad things happen to good movies. But then again this isn’t the most horrible thing. The movie was #8 on the list with $5.9 million on a $20 million budget. It wasn’t a big hit but I’m sure it will at the very least make its money back.


Sorry Luke Scott, looks like it’s not working out. The Sci-fi/horror flick had some amazing clips didn’t seem to resonate with the rest of the American people. The movie only made $2.43 million. But then again it is on an $8 million budget. So with luck they’ll at least break even.



So Box Office Mojo doesn’t have any info on what this movie made. It did come out this weekend so what’s up BOM? Maybe it just did that bad. Moral of the story: Just see Don’t Breathe if you really want a horror movie.

Thoughts on this weekends top five? Surprised that Pete’s Dragon flew back into the top five? Thoughts on any of the reject movies mentioned above? Talk about it in the comments and don’t forget to like, share, and follow Sprom for more news on the box office and other things in the world of movie news.




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