Weekend Watchlist – December 17th Edition

I’m starting a thing. Maybe I’ll stick with it, maybe I won’t, I’m just trying to do new things. I’m calling it The Weekend Watchlist. It’s simply a compilation of movies to watch each weekend that fit some kind of theme or relate to something going on. Wish me luck!

With Rogue One hitting theaters this weekend, the one thing that everyone will be doing is marathoning the entire saga (yes even the prequels). So even though it’s long and the prequels aren’t what we wish they were, the first thing on our watch list is:

1. All the Star Wars Movies


So that means all 1-7. If you haven’t already done this before Friday then it’s not like you’re spending your entire weekend seeing Rogue One over and over. So watch all the movies. It’ll only take like 17ish houts. You probably aren’t doing anything. Plus, Star Wars! What? You’re not an uber-nerd? Well there is something else you can do this weekend.

2. Watch Black Mirror


Yes I know this is TV, but damn is it good. It’s basically new, British, long form Twilight Zone. It’s all on Netflix, like all of it. I’ve been watching the latest season these past few days and holy hell is it good. I mean the first one is a weird episode to be the first of the season but it’s all good.

So this one is pretty short, but that’s because I’m working on this at 11:46 and I wanna sleep eventually (sidenote: what the hell, my laptop clock keeps stopping so that may not be the actual time). So imagine this as a longer more expansive list and tell me what you think. I have checked another clock and now realize its tomorrow so I gotta stop this. Talk about what you thought about it in the comments and don’t forget to like, share, and follow Sprom for more kind of half-assed original content and other things in the world that is movies.



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