Oscars Nominations 2017: Snubs, Surprises, and Everything in Between

It is Oscar season yet again and Sprom will do its best to cover all the goings on in the world of the 2017 Oscars. This has become quite a monumental year in  the world of Oscars, but first let’s get out the nominees for the main categories.

Best Picture

La La Land



Hacksaw Ridge


Hell or High Water

Hidden Figures


Manchester by the Sea

This year’s best picture category is filled with heavy hitters. With 9 of the 10 spots being taken up this year (and all of them awesome from what I hear), there’s no sure thing in this category. Of the nine movies on this list I have only seen two (La La Land and Arrival), but I will be getting to the other seven very soon. Arrival is one of the most promising movies on this list, being a sci-fi movie. Genre pictures are very rarely considered by the Academy, but I understand that Arrival was one movie they just couldn’t ignore. As for surprises I was surprised to see Hidden Figures on this list. I mean it looks like it’s great, but I didn’t realize it was gonna be Oscar caliber great. Now I’m that much more interested in the movie. As for snubs, one cannot forget to mention Deadpool. No one thought it would make it until the PGAs suddenly came out and said it was on there list. And it was one the WGAs list too! You’d be a fool to not at least wonder: could Deadpool be nominated for an Academy award? But alas, that is not so. The Academy just wasn’t ready I guess. But all in all this looks like a pretty good list. Now onto our next category:

Best Director

Mel Gibson – Hacksaw Ridge

Damien Chazelle – La La Land

Barry Jenkins – Moonlight

Kenneth Lonergan – Manchester by the Sea

Denis Villeneuve – Arrival

Filling this category are five very different and very interesting movies by interesting movie makers. I don’t know too much about directing so I won’t try to talk about it, but one thing I will say is I’m surprised Mel Gibson got the nomination. I just googled a few things about Mel Gibson (I knew everyone hates him but I didn’t know why) and jeez louise is he a horrible person. Racist, homophobe, anti-semite, the list goes on and on. And yet Hollywood nominated him for best director, which begs the question of how long does it take for the public to forgive? And I guess this isn’t necessarily the public, it’s the Academy, but still! But then again maybe this movie is just too well directed to ignore. As of right now I am in the middle of Manchester by the Sea (which is good af) and I’ll get to Hacksaw Ridge soon. I lack any expertise in this subject so I don’t know what was snubbed because I don’t exactly know what the best directing looks like. But from a simpleton’s view this category looks pretty good. And on we go!

Best Actor

Ryan Gosling – La La Land

Denzel Washington – Fences

Viggo Mortensen – Captain Fantastic

Casey Affleck – Manchester by the Sea

Andrew Garfield – Hacksaw Ridge

 Another stacked category is best actor. One part that isn’t as much of a surprise as a departure from the best picture nominees is the inclusion of Viggo Mortensen for his performance in Captain Fantastic. Haven’t seen the movie just yet but man does this movie have an interesting premise. So many movies, so little time. Anyway, this list seems pretty business as usual. From what I’ve been hearing Andrew Garfield was just frickin’ grand in Hacksaw Ridge. I would definitely be happy to see Spiderman win the Oscar (though I am rooting for everything La La Land). Speaking of La La Land, Ryan Gosling really was something. Ya know, I never got why people liked him until this movie. Next thing you know I want to fall in love with a jazz pianist in Los Angeles. I haven’t see enough of these movies to say who I’m voting for, but I gotta be honest: Casey Affleck is good as hell in what I’ve seen of Manchester by the Sea. Giving my boy Ryan a run for his money. But like I said, it’s too early to make any calls.

Best Actress

Emma Stone – La La Land

Natalie Portman – Jackie

Isabelle Huppert – Elle

Meryl Streep – Florence Foster Jenkins

Ruth Negga – Loving

Now for the Best Actress category, which is really straying from the Best Picture category. Only Emma Stone is an actress in a movie that’s also nominated for Best Picture. Just thought that was a bit interesting. Perhaps the performances were great but the movies just weren’t there, I suppose. Another interesting thing to point out is that the movie Elle isn’t in English. I didn’t realize non-English movies could be nominated for regular categories. So that’s also interesting. The only performance I’ve actually seen on this list is Emma Stone’s, so like with the other categories I can’t say much about this. But as for snubs I got a big ass one. Why is Amy Adams not on this list? She had two amazing movies this year, one of which I actually saw, and yet no nomination!?! I’m pretty sure that the Academy has a vendetta against Amy Adams and I don’t know if I can stand for it. I mean I love Meryl Streep but does she really need this? Does she really? I mean I hope Florence Foster Jenkins is brilliant but jeez was she good in Arrival. This is the snub that has me the most peeved this year, without a doubt.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Michael Shannon – Nocturnal Animals

Mahershala Ali – Moonlight

Jeff Bridges – Hell or High Water

Dev Patel – Lion

Lucas Hedges – Manchester by the Sea

Movies are weird. I’m looking at this Best Actor in a Supporting Role category and I could’ve sworn Mahershala Ali, Dev Patel, and Jeff Bridges were all main characters. Maybe I should watch these movies and figure out these movies. I have less than a month before the Oscars and a hell of a lot of movies to watch. Really should’ve started earlier. Alas. Anyway I interested in this category, even though I have finished none of these movies. As of right now I have seen maybe two minutes of Manchester by the Sea with him in it and I have no opinion. What I can say is Mahershala Ali was great as Cottonmouth in Luke Cage. I am definitely interested to see his role in Moonlight. As for the rest of them, we shall see.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Naomie Harris – Moonlight

Michelle Williams – Manchester by the Sea

Viola Davis – Fences

Octavia Spencer – Hidden Figures

Nicole Kidman – Lion

Now this category makes me happy. Three of the five nominees for Best Actress in a Supporting Role are women of color. It’s always nice to see that. And as for talent, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer are always brilliant. I’m not super familiar with Williams and Harris, and as for Nicole Kidman I loved the Bewitched movie but I don’t know her for much else. But Davis and Spencer are definitely fan favorites. I can’t tell you anything about their performances in their specific movies, but as for right now I’m chill with Spencer or Davis taking the gold.

Best Animated Feature Film



Kubo and the Two Strings

My Life as a Zucchini

The Red Turtle


And for the last category I’m gonna talk about we have the Best Animated Feature Film category! I have seen only one of these movies and I am extremely disappointed with myself to be honest. But this is definitely interesting. All the movies on here seem like something that should be on here, but I am surprised Finding Dory didn’t make the cut. But then again all the categories are stacked this year, even the animated ones. I don’t know who I’d vote for, but man did the trailer for The Red Turtle look good. Studio Ghibli has been steady putting out great content. But one can’t ignore the perfectly topical Zootopia or the new Disney classic (with musical by my boy Lin-Manuel Miranda) Moana. And even though it’s not in English, My Life as a Zucchini looks just lovely. So I don’t know.

As for the why this year is such a big deal, there are a few things. For one La La Land tied for the record of most Oscar nominations at 14. The only other movies to get that many nominations are All About Eve and Titanic, with Eve winning 6 of those and Titanic 11. This is also the first time that three black screenwriters have been nominated in the same year. People of Color in general are just doing grand this year, much better than in years previous. I wouldn’t say #OscarsSoWhite is a thing of the past just yet, but this is surely a step in the right direction.

In conclusion, I have a lot of movies to what and so little time. So I’m gonna get back to Manchester by the Sea and I’ll get a review out to y’all as soon as possible. And talk in the comments about any snubs you think I missed or surprises I didn’t mention. And don’t forget to like, share, and follow Sprom for more Oscar talk and everything else in the world of movies.


Movies I’ve Seen – Captain America: The First Avenger


So I have been slacking. I really have. But rather than just let this die I’m gonna keep trying to get my life together. So this is a little thing I like to call “Movies I’ve Seen”. This is just me reviewing movies (recent and not) that I watch. It’s an easy way for me to get content out without it taking too much time. Hopefully I stick with it. So the movie I’m starting off with is Captain America: The First Avenger because I want to pretend America is as honest and true as Steve Rogers. This is without a doubt my favorite movie. This movie is one of the three dvds I own and this is the only one I legit love (I won the other two in a contest). This movie is everything I love about movies all rolled up in one. That may not be true, but if I could only have one movie on my mantle this would be the one. Now to get into the nitty-gritty.

This movie is just grand. As a diehard patriot and a girl who was the same weight and height as Steve Rogers pre-super soldier serum, this movie speaks to me on a spiritual level. Steve Rogers represents everything you think America is as a kid and everything you want it to be as an adult. If i could just meet one person who is half the man he is, my faith in humanity would grown tenfold. And Chris Evans as Steve Rogers is completely believable. Him as a little guy who can’t say no to a fight is how I will always see Chris Evans (even though I first knew him as Johnny Storm). Most successful actors come to a point in their career where they play a character that is so beautiful and iconic and brilliant tumblr_n2lra2xgwh1r5a08so1_250that they are seen as that forever. I knew in 2011, before the Avengers, before the Marvel Cinematic Universe, before any of that, that Chris Evans would always be Captain America. And I’m pretty okay with that. Captain America isn’t a bad person to be.

Now on to the other characters. Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes is just grand. His friendship with Steve is like the best kind of friendship. They’re like brothers. Seeing him evolve throughout the Captain America franchise is truly extraordinary. While I do find Bucky’s character is best used in Captain America: Civil War, this is a great introduction to the character. Now let’s go on to Peggy Carter, who will forever be goals. She is everything I wish I could be. She is a feminist icon that deserves her tv show back, but I digress. Hayley Atwell was the perfect choice for this part. I didn’t know her when I saw her and by the end I couldn’t forget her. And as for her love story with Steve, it didn’t feel forced. It just organically came about because he was a good, honest man and she recognized that. Gosh, were they good. Also let’s talk about Hugo Weaving, cause this has always ground my gears. His Red Skull is one of the best villains the MCU has ever had. People always complain about these half-assed MCU villains, but when we talk good villains Red Skull never comes up! I mean I love Loki as much as the next teenage girl, but you gotta give the man his props. It is a real bummer though that Hugo Weaving has like no desire to come back to the MCU. Cause he doesn’t die at the end. When I first watched the movie I just assumed the Tesseract killed him, but really it transported him to somewhere in the cosmos. They could bring him back, but Hugo just isn’t about it. A true shame. And the last guy to talk about is Tommy Lee Jones, because that man is a fucking national treasure. Though I have literally never seen him young. Did he become an actor at 50 or something? I mean he is amazing but he has always been old. but his character is Tommy Lee at his finest. I’m not gonna go in depth with this cause you know it’s true. OH SHIT! I forgot to talk about Stanley Tucci!! First things first it took me a few watches to realize that man was Stanley Tucci. It just didn’t connect in my head at the time. But damn is that man great. Erskine was just so lovely and that part when he and Steve are talking the night before the operation is just beautiful. His whole little monologue is just great.

As for story this movie catches my heart everytime, and I’ve seen this movie at least 17 times. This is the movie that when you see it on tv you watch it to the end, even if you start it in the middle. While it is the stereotypical hero origin story, it has more of a heart to it than Thor or Iron Man. You don’t think of it as a superhero movie, you think of it as just a beautiful, patriotic movie. You think of it as a regular person putting himself at risk for the tumblr_ojdbtg5vl91tlgqkgo5_250sake of his country. That’s some fucking beautiful shit man. And that last part when he has to crash the jet, it breaks my heart every time. EVERY. TIME. And another thing that makes this movie great is the period it’s set in. Watching it you feel that patriotism caused by World War II being transferred into you. While this period was not the best, it’s nice to just pretend everything’s okay by watching a nice, mousy white boy become a superhero.

And lastly, I love this movie’s score. It just bleeds patriotism, but the best parts aren’t the uber patriotic ones. My favorites are “Farewell to Bucky” and “This is my Choice”. That’s all I’m gonna say, but listen to them if you have a free minute.

In conclusion, this movie is a great thing to watch to forget we’re living in Trump’s America. And for those living outside of the US, I don’t know if this movie will hit you as hard as it hit me, but who knows? Talk about that in the comments and tell me what I should watch next! The Oscar nominations just came out yesterday and I’m gonna be going through those to prepare for the big night, but I’ll find some time in between if y’all suggest something. Also like this and share it with someone. And if you could follow me I’d really appreciate that. But if not that’s fine, just you reading this is a blessing.

Box Office Battle 12/30-1/1

It’s a new year and normally that would imply a new me, but however I have not seemed to change in these last two days. My resolution this year was to make more of an effort. I haven’t quite done that yet but I have worried about it more. So progress I suppose. Anyway the year change doesn’t change the fact that movies came out this weekend. So let’s get to the battle!


1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – $49,539,000

For the third week in a row Rogue One: A Star Wars Story takes the gold. Rogue One has made over double the original budget, thoroughly proving that there will be many more Star Wars spin-offs to come after this one. This movie has had all around positive reviews and was just brilliant in every way shape and form. It deserves all the money it’s getting.


2. Sing – $42,820,000

Taking the silver for the second time in two week run is sing. The story of group of animals that participate in the singing contest, Sing has seemed to be the animated feature to dominate this holiday season. Thanks to the lack of new movies coming out this weekend it seems the movies of weekends passed have been actually increasing in audience percentage. No this is not the best example of this this week, we’ll get to that later, but I’m sure illumination is very happy with what’s going on this weekend. The movie that wasn’t on anyone’s anticipated list at the beginning of the year turned out to be a pleasant surprise for many families and movie reviewers alike.


 3. Passengers – $16,150,000

And taking bronze once again in their second week is Passengers. Starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, Passengers was said to be a disappointing sci-fi film that came out at literally the worst time ever. I don’t know what they expected to do well when they are coming out at the same time as a Star Wars movie. I guess they were banking on Rogue one being a bust or just disappointing I suppose. It was an all-around bad move, and it didn’t help that the movie wasn’t nearly as good as Rogue one either. But I mean it could be doing worse I suppose. This plus what it made last week is almost up to the film’s budget. While that doesn’t cover marketing hopefully this movie will break even or just about.


4. Moana – $10,974,000

In a surprising turn of events Moana has jumped back into the top five this weekend. The popular Disney musical voicing The Rock and featuring music from Lin-Manuel Miranda came out Thanksgiving of last year and has yet to leave the top 10 since. Over the weekend the movie had a 42% jump, which is extraordinary. Since nothing new is coming out of this week what better to do than to see a new Disney classic again in the theater? I still haven’t seen it, to be honest with you but I will. I have a feeling after this I still have some time before it officially pulled out of theaters.


5. Why Him? – $10,600,000

And rounding out the top five is why him?. Being the only movie to move down from its spot last week is probably disappointing, but the movie seems to be doing just fine. Within the next few days it’ll make back its budget and then start to turn a profit. Now I would have hoped Bryan cranston’s return to Comedy would have thought a bit more steam over the holiday weekend, but it could be worse I suppose. It could be Assassin’s Creed….

So what do you think of these week’s battle? Is Rogue One gonna reign supreme yet again? Talk about it in the comments and don’t forget to like,share, and follow Sprom for more box office battles!

Source: http://www.boxofficemojo.com/weekend/chart/