Box Office Battle 12/30-1/1

It’s a new year and normally that would imply a new me, but however I have not seemed to change in these last two days. My resolution this year was to make more of an effort. I haven’t quite done that yet but I have worried about it more. So progress I suppose. Anyway the year change doesn’t change the fact that movies came out this weekend. So let’s get to the battle!


1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – $49,539,000

For the third week in a row Rogue One: A Star Wars Story takes the gold. Rogue One has made over double the original budget, thoroughly proving that there will be many more Star Wars spin-offs to come after this one. This movie has had all around positive reviews and was just brilliant in every way shape and form. It deserves all the money it’s getting.


2. Sing – $42,820,000

Taking the silver for the second time in two week run is sing. The story of group of animals that participate in the singing contest, Sing has seemed to be the animated feature to dominate this holiday season. Thanks to the lack of new movies coming out this weekend it seems the movies of weekends passed have been actually increasing in audience percentage. No this is not the best example of this this week, we’ll get to that later, but I’m sure illumination is very happy with what’s going on this weekend. The movie that wasn’t on anyone’s anticipated list at the beginning of the year turned out to be a pleasant surprise for many families and movie reviewers alike.


 3. Passengers – $16,150,000

And taking bronze once again in their second week is Passengers. Starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, Passengers was said to be a disappointing sci-fi film that came out at literally the worst time ever. I don’t know what they expected to do well when they are coming out at the same time as a Star Wars movie. I guess they were banking on Rogue one being a bust or just disappointing I suppose. It was an all-around bad move, and it didn’t help that the movie wasn’t nearly as good as Rogue one either. But I mean it could be doing worse I suppose. This plus what it made last week is almost up to the film’s budget. While that doesn’t cover marketing hopefully this movie will break even or just about.


4. Moana – $10,974,000

In a surprising turn of events Moana has jumped back into the top five this weekend. The popular Disney musical voicing The Rock and featuring music from Lin-Manuel Miranda came out Thanksgiving of last year and has yet to leave the top 10 since. Over the weekend the movie had a 42% jump, which is extraordinary. Since nothing new is coming out of this week what better to do than to see a new Disney classic again in the theater? I still haven’t seen it, to be honest with you but I will. I have a feeling after this I still have some time before it officially pulled out of theaters.


5. Why Him? – $10,600,000

And rounding out the top five is why him?. Being the only movie to move down from its spot last week is probably disappointing, but the movie seems to be doing just fine. Within the next few days it’ll make back its budget and then start to turn a profit. Now I would have hoped Bryan cranston’s return to Comedy would have thought a bit more steam over the holiday weekend, but it could be worse I suppose. It could be Assassin’s Creed….

So what do you think of these week’s battle? Is Rogue One gonna reign supreme yet again? Talk about it in the comments and don’t forget to like,share, and follow Sprom for more box office battles!



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