Should the DCEU Just Give Up?


The DCEU has had some struggles in it’s short lived time as a cinematic universe. It’s had two movies that have been largely disliked critically and by fans, directors are dropping out of upcoming projects left and right, two of which have completely scrapped their previous scripts and are now starting over. Ben Affleck gave up on them, so should we? In this article we will examine the good and the bad of the DC Extended Universe and really figure out if it is in fact worth it.

Why it Should Go

1. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

The first real disappointment of the DCEU, Batman vs Superman started the dangerous precedent that most now associate with the DCEU movies. This movie was set to be one of batman_v_superman_posterthe biggest films of 2016. This was made to rival that of Captain America: Civil War and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. And then it came out, disappointing millions of nerds all across the world. I’m not in the mood to discuss all the faults of this movie, though I’m sure you remember as vividly as I do the Martha incident. Seriously, I don’t know what they were thinking when writing that. Anyway, this movie, despite a few redeeming qualities (Batman, Alfred, Wonder Woman, etc.), was a bust. Monetarily it was supposed to be a record breaker but instead it didn’t even crack a billion worldwide (we have such high standards these days). And the saddest part of this movie is that it had the three most well-known superheroes in all of human history on the same screen for the first time EVER, and they STILL couldn’t make a satisfying movie out of that. This movie had so much potential and it was squandered. There will never be another first time, this is the only one. And though it was no Battlefield Earth, it should never have been as shitty as it was. Perhaps with a blank slate and a new creative team, something like this could happen again and be what this should have been.

2. Suicide Squad

This movie was interesting. I really enjoyed it, to be honest, but there were faults. Faults that have been demonstrated in the DCEU before. This movie is noted to have a sloppy ending and lackluster character development. I have my complaints as well, but that’s not actually my focus in this part. This movie is an example of the DCEU not having a plan. suicidesquadNot a real plan, any who. Just think about the larger story of the Justice League and what’s to come for them. Does Suicide Squad have any correlation to what that movie is intended to be? I can’t claim to know the full synopsis, but I can’t imagine how this would factor into the Justice League movies in any noticeable capacity. Marvel movies all have a purpose. Even the one’s that seem the most out there, the best example being Guardians of the Galaxy, have a part to play in the upcoming Infinity War movies. This movie, though enjoyable, serves no greater purpose and it’s existence at this period in the DCEU’s history makes it nothing but further proof that the DCEU is a mess that needs to be scrapped in the hopes that something better will emerge in the future.

3. They’re too Reactionary

This is one of my big pet peeves about this whole ordeal. They can’t seem to stick to one plan cause they keep pandering to the audience. I mean this is good, but to an extent. People say they like Batman, next thing you know there’s a Batman movie set for 2018. Everybody loves Harley Quinn and Deadshot, next thing you know Gotham City Sirens is on suicide-squad-margot-robbie-harley-quinnthe horizon and a Deadshot solo movie is not far behind. It’s things like this that make you realize that they don’t really have some set masterplan for the future. Sure they gave us a couple of dates a comic con or so ago about the movies coming soon but it’s 2017 and at least two of those movies aren’t happening as they once were or at the very least aren’t happening on time. They like to jump the gun instead of following through with one big interesting story that leads up to an Avengers-like battle for the earth. Marvel built up the coming together of the Avengers for four films (five if you wanna include The Incredible Hulk), and Infinity War will have been built up for 11 frickin films. Now, they don’t need 11 films to lay a foundation for some big bad guy, but if they keep deviating from whatever thin path they’ve creating leading to whatever they are leading to, they will get lost along the way. They already feel lost, if I’m being honest. Another reason to scrap this and get some fresh eyes in to create a better universe some years down the road.

Why The DCEU Should Stay

1. Man of Steel

Despite the DCEU’s cinematic disappointments, it sta130528-overtheshoulderrted out pretty well. While it wasn’t completely loved by everyone, it wasn’t the extreme love/hatedness of fans for BvS and
Suicide Squad
. This movie was an interesting introduction to Superman, even though it was more so the story of Clark Kent. I loved Henry Cavill in this, and I loved the ending with Zodd. Though some of the Zack Synder tendencies of flashbacks could be a bit annoying, for the most part I dug it. This movie made me think that this universe was on the track to something great. And while it hasn’t exactly followed the path I thought it would, one can hope that they can find that path yet again.

2. So Much Potential

This one almost goes without saying, but I’m saying it anyway. There is so much potential in the DCEU that’s it’s crazy that its not being used to the best of its ability. Character-wise, the DCEU has the biggest heroes AND villains in all of superheroes and possibly characters in general. And on top of that there’s the actors. Ben Affleck, Ezra Miller, Amy Adams, the list goes on and on. These are some top shelf actors, and yet these movies are just not good. But there’s still hope that this potential (with the right director and script) becomes something great.

These movies are something that should be so much better, and though I understand the thought process of starting fresh I believe they’ll turn the ship around. So I now ask you: What do you think should happen with the DCEU? Should it just keep going with the hopes that they can fix this or just let the ship sink and try again in a decade? Talk about it in the comments and don’t forget to like, share, and follow Sprom for more DCEU related things and other stuff in the world of movies.



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