Get Out Review


So oh my fucking gosh, I just saw Get Out and I am trying to get down as much as I can before the hype in my soul dies down. Okay. First things first, the concept for this movie is just amazing. It takes the simple horror premise of a couple experiencing some weird ass shit, but it’s different because there’s race involved. Now some might think, “why does a horror movie need to involve race?” My answer to you is 1) this is more of a thriller to be honest, but in my opinion some of the best horror films are thrillers, and 2) because being black in America can be a scary ass thing. This movie plays on the tropes we spend our whole lives seeing. The white parents who act different because the daughter’s boyfriends black, the black friend who is like fuck all that spooky shit. Now, everyone knows of the unwritten belief that black people aren’t really in horror movies because black people don’t fuck with that weird shit. That is still the case. This movie is a series of small weird events that alone are weird and racially insensitive but all together build up to this big fucking reality that is wild and scary as shit. Excuse my language, but this movie just has me blown away. If this review doesn’t end up being as coherent as I would like it to be, I apologize. And the actors in this movie were just marvelous. Daniel Kaluuya was the perfect black man, even if he is a Brit (not that you can tell from his performance). And Allison Williams was like the greatest. Her performance was so real and just amaze. And guess who plays the dad? Fucking Josh Lyman from West Wing! I couldn’t even tell in the movie. I just googled it right now and wow. He’s pretty unrecognizable. Just wow. And Catherine Keener was great as well. And, in the best role of all, we have Chris’s (Daniel Kaluuya) best friend, Rod Williams (Lil Rel Howery). He just stole the show. This whole movie just makes you love black people. And oh my god if you still haven’t seen this movie, find the nearest black movie theater and watch it. This is a communal experience my friend. You don’t have to be black to love it, but I think I do just a touch more because I am. Black folk will applaud at certain parts that a non-black person may not find as enjoyable or satisfying. And speaking of satisfying, this movie had the most satisfying fucking ending. I didn’t leave wanting more, I just left in awe of what I had just witnessed. Jordan Peele is an amazing man, and if


Key & Peele didn’t tell you that already this will seal the deal. Jordan Peele has a bright fucking future ahead of him, man. And I eagerly await whatever the hell he sets his mind to next. And how they balanced comedy and horror in this movie was fantastic. The only other movie I’ve seen that claimed itself to be a horror-comedy was Krampus and that was a mess, but this was actually funny and fucking bonkers at the same time. Just such a good film. Such a good story. I think that’s all I have to say but if I wrote all my reviews so fast and passionately I would publish a lot more reviews. But not everything is this good. Get Out has the potential to be in my top five this year. And this is a movie that came out in frickin’ February. Does that make this 2017’s Deadpool? I think the answer has to be yes.

So did this make any sense? I’ve decided not to edit any of it except for spelling mistakes, so you can get the vibe I got while writing this. What are your opinions on Get Out? What is it like being white and seeing this movie? Please inform me of that in the comments, because I am really lacking white friends right now. And don’t forget to like, share, and follow Sprom for hopefully more passionately written reviews that are published within an hour of finishing the movie.













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