What’s Out? 9/2 Edition

It is another beautiful Friday in the world of movie news and with it comes new movie releases! The Summer blockbuster season has just passed and now it’s time for the Oscar bait. Let’s dig in!


The Light Between Oceans – Derek Cianfrance

One of the first dramas that really seem to be going for that Oscar this year is the new Derek Cianfrance movie The Light Between Oceans. Based on the M. L. Stedman book of the same name, The Light Between Oceans is the story of a lighthouse keeper and his wife who find an abandoned baby and raise the child as their own. The movie stars Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender and recent Oscar winner Alicia Vikander. This movie is Cianfrance’s second adaptation of a Stedman novel, the first being the Ryan Gosling movie Blue Valentine, and I am sure she is very pleased with this. The movie currently has a 60% on Rotten Tomatoes, so for the first drama of Oscar season it looks like it has promise.


Morgan – Luke Scott

But it seems that Oscar movies aren’t the only thing that will be filling the theaters as can be seen by the release of the film Morgan.  Not that this could never get an Oscar, but let’s not lie to ourselves, shall we? This sci-fi/horror flick stars Kate Mara of the less than successful Fantastic Four reboot and Anya Taylor-Joy of the critically loved horror film The Witch. The movie centers around an artificially created humanoid named Morgan and the company that’s deciding whether or not she should be terminated. I haven’t seen the movie but from the trailers it looks like it’s going to get messy. This movie will be Luke Scott’s first feature film debut and I hope it works out. Not only is this a great premise but being the son of Ridley Scott he has a lot to live up to and a lot to live down even though he is not his father. Well apparently this might not be the big hit Luke is hoping for. The critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes is 47% and the audience rating is 37%. Maybe next time Luke, maybe next time.


31 – Rob Zombie

And to finish off this week’s new releases is the horror flick 31, directed by none other than Rob Zombie. I really hope he was born with that name rather than changing his name to Zombie. Anyway the IMDB plot summary of this is “Five carnival workers are kidnapped and held hostage in an abandoned, Hell-like compound where they are forced to participate in a violent game, the goal of which is to survive twelve hours against a gang of sadistic clowns”. So this sounds lovely. Sounds like exactly the kind of thing the creator of Izombie would come up with. The movie currently has a 54% on Rotten Tomatoes, so it must be something interesting. If you’re into that Saw type stuff, of course.

So that’s everything new coming out this weekend. Nothing super big yet but Oscar season has only just begun. If I had to pick between the three I’d have to go with The Light Between Oceans. Or I’d finally see Kubo and the Two Strings. What’s your pick for this weekend? Talk about it in the comments and don’t forget to like, share, and follow Sprom for more news on movie releases and other things in the world of movie news.


Pacific Rim 2 Gets a Release Date & Scott Eastwood Eyed for Key Role


The giant monster movie is seeming to come back and in a big way. With successes like Godzilla in our rearview mirror and movies like Kong: Skull Island just on the horizon, the future seems bright for these types of movies. However while it fun to look to the
future, we cannot forget the disappointments of the past. One in particular being Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim. While the film was deemed entertaining by many, it underperformed in the domestic box office. If it had not been saved by foreign markets, the main culprit being China, the film would’ve even been consideredrs_1024x759-151215063100-1024-john-boyega-glove-star-wars-premiere-la-jr-121515 a box office failure. But luckily the film was saved and it even made enough money to warrant the making of a sequel.

And after many setbacks, Pacific Rim 2 is finally really coming together. Just recently John Boyega was attached to lead the film. He will playing the son of Idris Elba’s character from the original, Stacker Pentecost. Also Steven DeKnight (most recently known for showrunning the first season of Marvel’s Daredevil) was attached to direct the picture. And now it has an official date. February 23rd, 2018 is when we get to see the Pacific Rim universe come back to the big screen.

As for the original cast, it is unclear who, if anyone, is returning for the sequel. former m3rfwebudirector Guillermo del Toro will be working as a producer on this project. And I know this date does seem far off but trust me, it’ll be February 2018 before any of us know it.

WHoa! So some news just dropped while I was writing this, so why not just add this in instead of write a whole new article. It seems Legendary is eyeing Scott Eastwood for a lead role. As you read above, this would mean he would be joining Star Wars alum John Boyega in this sequel. It is unclear what character Eastwood would be playing in this new installment, but this movie doesn’t come out for over a year. We have time.

So what’s got you excited? Scott Eastwood possibly joining the ranks or PR2 finally getting a date? Talk about it in the comments and don’t forget to like, share, and follow Sprom for more news on Pacific Rim 2 and other things in the world of movie news.

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