What’s Out? 9/2 Edition

It is another beautiful Friday in the world of movie news and with it comes new movie releases! The Summer blockbuster season has just passed and now it’s time for the Oscar bait. Let’s dig in!


The Light Between Oceans – Derek Cianfrance

One of the first dramas that really seem to be going for that Oscar this year is the new Derek Cianfrance movie The Light Between Oceans. Based on the M. L. Stedman book of the same name, The Light Between Oceans is the story of a lighthouse keeper and his wife who find an abandoned baby and raise the child as their own. The movie stars Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender and recent Oscar winner Alicia Vikander. This movie is Cianfrance’s second adaptation of a Stedman novel, the first being the Ryan Gosling movie Blue Valentine, and I am sure she is very pleased with this. The movie currently has a 60% on Rotten Tomatoes, so for the first drama of Oscar season it looks like it has promise.


Morgan – Luke Scott

But it seems that Oscar movies aren’t the only thing that will be filling the theaters as can be seen by the release of the film Morgan.  Not that this could never get an Oscar, but let’s not lie to ourselves, shall we? This sci-fi/horror flick stars Kate Mara of the less than successful Fantastic Four reboot and Anya Taylor-Joy of the critically loved horror film The Witch. The movie centers around an artificially created humanoid named Morgan and the company that’s deciding whether or not she should be terminated. I haven’t seen the movie but from the trailers it looks like it’s going to get messy. This movie will be Luke Scott’s first feature film debut and I hope it works out. Not only is this a great premise but being the son of Ridley Scott he has a lot to live up to and a lot to live down even though he is not his father. Well apparently this might not be the big hit Luke is hoping for. The critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes is 47% and the audience rating is 37%. Maybe next time Luke, maybe next time.


31 – Rob Zombie

And to finish off this week’s new releases is the horror flick 31, directed by none other than Rob Zombie. I really hope he was born with that name rather than changing his name to Zombie. Anyway the IMDB plot summary of this is “Five carnival workers are kidnapped and held hostage in an abandoned, Hell-like compound where they are forced to participate in a violent game, the goal of which is to survive twelve hours against a gang of sadistic clowns”. So this sounds lovely. Sounds like exactly the kind of thing the creator of Izombie would come up with. The movie currently has a 54% on Rotten Tomatoes, so it must be something interesting. If you’re into that Saw type stuff, of course.

So that’s everything new coming out this weekend. Nothing super big yet but Oscar season has only just begun. If I had to pick between the three I’d have to go with The Light Between Oceans. Or I’d finally see Kubo and the Two Strings. What’s your pick for this weekend? Talk about it in the comments and don’t forget to like, share, and follow Sprom for more news on movie releases and other things in the world of movie news.


Suicide Squad Non-Spoiler Review


This is another rare but hopefully appreciated Sprom review! This review is over the third movie in the DCEU Suicide Squad. This movie being the first movie in this new DC universe to not be directed by Zack Snyder, it had a lot to prove. And I think for the most part they came out a success. This movie is an even that begs to be seen in theaters. I left the theater opening night feeling like I was walking on air. I adored this movie. Let’s talk about why.

Let’s start with the characters. This was the thing that pulled us all in: the unique characters that get pushed together in order to save the world. The standouts were (no surprise here) Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and Amanda Waller. This is Will Smith at his finest. His performance as a deadly assassin and a loving father was so good it almost made me forget about Men in Black 3. Almost. As always, Viola Davis’ performance as Waller was bad ass. And Margot Robbie was extraordinary as Harley Quinn. She embodies the crazy that is Harley Quinn in just the right way. I had a feeling she would be my favorite character in this movie, but she’s definitely top five at least in all of the DCEU thus far. Special mention goes to Jai Courtney’s character Captain Boomerang. He took a character that seemed so ridiculous and made him into a loveable douchebag. As for the disappointments one is surprisingly Katana. She turns out to be different than the trailers led me to believe. She kinda felt thrown in. so that was definitely a bummer. And it was made such a big thing when it was made known that Common and Scott Eastwood were gonna be in the movie. I thought they would be more relevant. I thought wrong. I mean they weren’t bad, they just weren’t important. And speaking of relevant, Slipknot is as relevant as you think is he is .


Now on to the man who gets his own paragraph. The one, the only, the Joker. I do confess that I’ve never seen any other Batman movie excluding Batman v Superman, making this my first Joker. And he sure does not disappoint. This man … he is brilliant. Jared Leto is my Joker. maybe my only Joker. I don’t think I need any more in my life. He takes the man that I’ve heard and read about so much and brings him to life in a way I never could’ve expected. While he ends up being more of a mob boss than a comic book villain, but I think basing him in a kind of reality that gives him any needed resources and the ability to be as insane as he is was the perfect way to portray him. As for the romance that is Joker and Harley, this is portrayed brilliantly in Suicide Squad. Two crazy lovebirds just trying to do whatever they want while destroying anyone in their way. The classic fairytale. And they really are in love, which is the best part. After seeing this movie there is no doubt in my mind that they are the definition of the perfect couple. I’m ready to see this man on the big screen in the near future.

Now on to some more troubling this. While I did adore this movie, it is not without its problems. One thing that kind of bugged me is that the Suicide Squad wasn’t really much of a team. I get that villains aren’t usually team players, however I feel they didn’t come together as much as I thought they could’ve. It felt like more of a group of singular characters rather than a team. Another thing is how they got some of the needed backstory. Some of the backstory stuff fit in just fine, but near the end it felt like stuff got wedged into to make sure that the ending made sense.


Now on to happier things: the soundtrack! This movie’s soundtrack is a gift from the gods. In the movie the songs worked so well and didn’t even make me want an orchestral score, and anyone who’s seen my reviews knows I love a good orchestral score. The best part is this is the kinda soundtrack you listen to all the time. It works in and out of the theater. I’m listening to it right now and these songs are all so great. Even the Panic! At The Disco cover of Bohemian Rhapsody (although Freddie Mercury is still #1). My favorite songs are Purple Lamborghini, You Don’t Own Me, and I started a Joke.

This movie is a must watch for DC fans and casual moviegoers alike. It’s an enjoyable action packed thrill ride that will encourage so many young girls to want to dress up as Harley for Halloween. Trust me on this, this mixture of amazing characters and supernatural weirdness is worth the cost of admission.

P.S. The mid credits scene is sorta important, but a total snoozefest. Dropping the ball DC.

When are you seeing Suicide Squad? Will you be dressing up as Harley come Halloween? Talk about it in the comments and don’t forget to like, share, and follow Sprom for more reviews and other fun stuff in the world of movie news.

Suicide Squad is now playing all over. Go see it!

Willem Dafoe to Voice Ryuk in Death Note Movie


Every few years we see new trends emerge in the world of movies. One of the best examples being the rise of the superhero genre, this is a trend that sticks around and seems to be sticking around for at least a few more years. And some trends haven’t had as much success. But one that’s trying to get its start is anime properties being turned intowillem_dafoe live action American movies. Quite a few anime properties are set to come to American theaters in the coming years, one perfect example being the well beloved manga Death Note. This property has plenty of different iterations from its own country, those being a manga, a tv series (which I highly recommend), and a few movies. And now the US has decided that we like it but we need our own version. And now we’re here.

The cast being gathered for this Remake isn’t too bad and it seems to be getting better. Willem Dafoe has been cast as the voice of our favorite shinigami, Ryuk. For all the newbs a shinigami is a god of death. Ryuk is the owner of the Death Note that is later found by the main character in this movie Light (who is to be played by that one guy from the Naked Brothers Band, Nat Wolff). Ryuk is a great bit of comic relief throughout the series and I welcome Willem into this project even though I don’t completely welcome this project.

Along with Willem and Nat, the cast includes Keith Stanfield and Margaret Qualley. Stanfield (Straight Outta Compton) will be playing L, the detective set on stopping L and Qualley (The Nice Guys) is set to play “Mia Sutton”, aka a bastardization of the character Misa Amane who is Kira’s biggest fan and partner. So if you can’t tell I’m not the happiest that this is being Americanized. I should probably get over myself. Right?

So are you with me? Or do you want an American version? Have you seen any of the other iterations? Talk about it in the comments and don’t forget to like, share, and follow Sprom for more news on the American version of Death Note.

The new Death Note movie is set to hit Netflix sometime in 2017.

Keith Stanfield Cast in Death Note Movie


Anime is an interesting thing. In America it started out as very hard to find, but as the years pass anime has become more known and popular in the United States. Now all you have to do is turn on Netflix and you can find things like Fairytale and Ouran Highschool Host Club and what we’re talking about today, Death Note. Death Note has been made and remade in several different mediums in its native country of Japan, and now it’s coming to the US because we need our own version I guess. For those of you unfamiliar with the amazing property let me fill you in. A teen named Light finds this book that give him the ability to kill a person by writing his or her name in the book. This causes him to think that he is supposed to use this book to purge the world of criminals and evil, which at first seems like a noble quest but as we all know absolute power corrupts absolutely. So Light starts killing under the name Kira and a detective working for the American government known as “L” goes off to hunt down Kira and stop his murder spree.

The movie is set to start filming this Summer and information on the cast is slowly trickling in. First we learned that Nat Wolff (Paper Towns) had been cast as the main character Light and Margaret Qualley (The Leftovers) was cast as his biggest fan/sort of The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences's Sneak Preview Screening Of "Short Term 12"sidekick Misa Amane. And now we’re learning of another to join the Death Note cast. Keith Stanfield (Straight Outta Compton) has been cast in an unknown role, but there aren’t that many main roles in the original Death Note story. For all we know this could be our L. But then again this could be a completely original character or some more minor character. Only time will tell.

As for the story in general, it will be interesting to see how it changes. Considering all the American actors being hired, I doubt it will be set in Japan. And if it’s set in the US  the story will have to be a different. Just watch the anime to see what I mean. It’s worth it, trust me.

So are you interested? Or are you cool with just the anime? Talk about it in the comments and don’t forget to like, share, and follow Sprom for more news on the American Death Note movie and other things in the world of movie news.

Death Note does not have a release date just yet, but it’s set to start filming this Summer.

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