News: Harrison Ford Finally Replaced!

Well not in our hearts, but on the screen Han Solo is getting some plastic surgery. That’s right, Alden Ehrenreich has been officially announced to play the smuggler Han Solo. For those of you a bit behind on your Star Wars, there has been a young Han Solo movie in the works for some time now. Not too long ago a shortlist was put out of the actors to possibly play Han. Some of those names were Miles Teller, Dave Franco, and Taron Egerton. But the guy they went with was this sort of newcomer Alden. Not really known to the casual moviegoer, Ehrenreich was kind of the stand out performance in the Coen Brothers’ less than well-received movie Hail, Caesar! And yes all you YA book to movie adaptation fans, he does look  familiar. He played Ethan Wate in the 2013 adaptation of Beautiful Creatures. All I can say about that movie is that the power went out midway through me seeing it and I never came back. Do with that information what you will.

The casting of Ehrenreich is a touch disappointing for all the Eggsy fans, but it’s not too surprising. Besides the fact that he was publicly said to be the frontrunner in the race to be Han, it seems the Star Wars universe has a tendency to choose fairly unknown actors in their movies. Daisy Ridley was plucked from the TV world and made the main protagonist of one of the biggest movies ever! No one knew her and now everyone does. And the same will happen to Ehrenreich. Star Wars has the ability to make nobodies into somebodies. It happened to Daisy and if all goes well Alden will reach stardom as well.

The Han Solo spinoff movie is set to come out May 25th,2018 and will be directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Luckily, you won’t have to wait for 2018 to see Alden as Han because he’s gonna have a cameo in Rogue One! And that comes out December 16th of this year.



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